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The revolution in hospital pharmacy

An innovative, effective and automated system for a hospital pharmacy that is more clinical and more efficient in administrative management.

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A simply effective pharmacy system.

Discover a modular and complete system (PHIS) capable of meeting all the clinical management, administrative and automation needs of the most modern hospital pharmacy, as well traditional ones.

The system has all the elements necessary in the pharmacy for automating it with vertical, horizontal carousels, dispensing to patients, preparation of intravenous therapies, as well as secure tools for immediate communication with the ERP systems, HIS, LIS, BI, bibliographic databases, analytical accounting or invoicing among many other things.

FarmaTools is the comprehensive solution that helps with decision-making concerning the safe use of the medication in all areas, from the identification of a therapy for a patient associated with one or several pathologies, through efficient and automated procurement management, support and security in the production areas with voice recognition elements and  gravimetric control of the preparations.

Saving management times, minimising storage and stock breakage costs and guaranteeing the traceability of each medication throughout the process. In short, improving the efficiency of an area that involves the second-highest cost of a hospital after staff.


It manages the storage of medication for about 600,000 patients per day.


It calculates and optimises the management of more than 375,000 products per day


The daily tool for thousands of pharmacists, clerks, doctors, nursing and management.


Installed in 80% of Spanish public sector hospitals and in the most important ones in Latin America


More than 20 years developing solutions for the health sector


Multi-device modules to guarantee mobility

Your hospital improves with Farmatools:


pharmaceuticals dispensed per day


prescriptions managed per day


new functions per year

“NOTE: The data are averages of effectiveness in centres studied and may vary depending on the centre.”


for administrative management:

Financial management


Automation and messaging

Analytical management

Management of the system



for clinical management:

Management of ambulatory patients

Mixture centre

Centralisation of master files and supplies

Hospital, emergencies and outpatient treatment

Electronic prescription


Therapeutic compliance

Clinical assays

Nutriciones parenterales

Parenteral nutritions



Calle Nuria, 55
28035 Madrid
Tlf: 91 7434846

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